The Clients.


Lincoln Town Cars. California sea lions. Neon green beverages. I’ve concepted and written for them all. And then some. Whether writing about high tech, higher education, or high heels — I’m equally comfortable in any industry, market or niche. Take a look at the various industries and clients I’ve created for. You may find your clients fit in here somewhere.

And even if they don’t, I’d be happy to add them to the list.


Patricia is our go-to copywriter. Her strategic understanding and creative excellence make us and our clients look great. And it doesn't hurt that she never misses a deadline.
— Susan Preston, Davis Agency

Over the past 4 years, working with Patricia has been both a wonderful and a rewarding experience. Not only is Patricia proficient as a copywriter, she is also hardworking, diligent, insightful and more importantly she'll add to your client's experience by adding value as a truly creative member of your team.
— Steven Chio, StudioELREY

Patricia truly is the 'idea chick'. She has become an intrical part of the team at The Larson Group. Her copy makes our creative sing.
— Michelle Larson, The Larson Group

Patricia has been a key creative partner for our agency for several years, and we are constantly impressed with her steady flow of fresh ideas and presentation. In B2B advertising, it is rare to find a writer who understands how to present technology and business issues that are both balanced and compelling.
— Keith Walker, AMR Advertising & Marketing

I love the way Patricia uses the English language to make simple ideas and concepts sound elegant. She knows how to communicate a feeling and a fact at the same time. And she simply 'gets it'. We can explain something to her and she intuitively understands where we are headed, then produces copy that gets us there.
— Kevin Griffin, (20)Ten

Patricia is not only a pleasure to work with, but her writing is some of the best I've seen. It's consistently on target with business goals, strategic and insightful -- and, most importantly, it typically has that extra bit of cleverness that makes for break-through output.
— Victoria Bost, Engle+Murphy

I've worked with Patricia for almost 10 years. She's my go-to for copy when it comes to email, direct mail, print, whatever. She can do consumer, B2B, long-form -- across any category I've thrown at her: technology, software, foodservice and more. She always gets it -- and gets it done right and on-time (usually ahead of schedule). Thanks Patricia.
— Janine Ward, Infuse Creative

Patricia is our 'go-to' concept and copy resource. She is always accommodating and manages to work our projects into her busy schedule. She is not only a resource, but a team member and interacts with our clients on a regular basis participating in brainstorming sessions, conferences and project start-ups. She works fast and thinks well, is easy to work with and always quick to refine and adapt her original effort based on additional input. Her output is fresh and interesting. She helps drive the initial concept development as well as final headlines and copy. Best of all, she's fun.
— Catherine Cleeremans, BuzzSaw Advertising & Design